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The team at Pixxis is a team of creative writers, designers (different fields but from a similar background), industry marketing gurus, and a project manager (sounds lonely but he’s fun to work with). We are a 99% remote agency: we will never add our building rent, wifi bills, electricity costs to your invoice.

We believe in our individuality and leverage our diverse cultural backgrounds to upheave creative contents that arouse your audience. Let’s take a circle back in time… Pixxis? where’s that from? Gideon’s got this question from numerous lurkers. The founders: Gideon, Tony & Fisayo started this agency last year and wanted to close the gap between startup tech companies and their audience through defined marketing strategies and growth hacking.

Pixxis got its unique name from the word Pixel which is the unit of any digital content and is usually represented by shapes, lines, or textures. We are shaping the world ONE brand at a time. We are pushing the ONE BRAND movement because we believe every brand needs a team as devoted as the CEO in maximizing efforts to reach its targets and surpass them.

Every Agency says they act as an extension of your team or they care, but end up taking up numerous projects/clients, which sometimes might lead to some files mixing up, divided attention amongst teams trying to beat the deadlines, causing burnout en masse. Source? Trust me, bro.
We liken our efforts to those Formula 1 mechanics – all hands on deck, Just to see you win… because your win is even a bigger win for us. That’s why we dedicate our team to 1 client at a time hereby mitigating burnout, delayed response times, etc.

You can discover our process through some case studies posted in our portfolio section. Are you ready to make a decision to work with us right away? Say Hello to hello@pixxisgency.com or book a brand discovery call here, we’d put our best team forward to meet with you. Limited slots are available. Liked this content? Share this post or comment your thoughts. Read more of our thoughts below. Stay Pixxy. Cheers!
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