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From the popular Yoruba adage ‘Sekere Ki bawon lo so ode Ibanuje’ which translates to The Sekere (African percussion musical instrument) will not be present in the place of sadness.

The African culture is vastly expressive, flamboyant, bold, colourful and revolves around celebrations and festivities.

How can we preserve this culture so
it doesn’t get watered down generations to come?

The team at Sekere is looking to mitigate the effects of cultural assimilation as it is predicted to grow by 13% yearly by wholly reporting and documenting cultural events locally and abroad.

We created a motion language similar to how the Sekere instrument is being twisted and shaken to produce a melody.

This language has been translated in uniformity from the sub-mark logo to the brand icons.

Dynamic Identities are intended to create a timeless perception around the brand. In some cases, variations of the logo marks can be used to distinguish the various services offered by the company.

Brand ASSETS-11

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