The Brand That Cares

 Scope: Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Motion Design

Consider a lending platform that is your buddy and wants to connect with you.

The African experience with lending platforms is horrendious, as the recollection tactics are not exactly humane.

Qwikcred aspires to alter the game by simplifying people’s lives. QwikCred enables individuals and organizations to access loans faster, at lower interest rates, and in any major foreign currency.

Creating a Positive Working Connection With The Consumer

Remember that Qwikcred wants to relate with the customers, we understood the task and we brainstormed ways we could give this brand a human side through its branding and marketing campaigns.

We knew that they had to take a stand and the brand had to say “I’m different” from their creatives to the way it presented itself to the customer. We experimented with several concepts to achieve this.


One of the key things we did was to make sure to portray what a consumer would anticipate if they wanted to engage with the brand through it touchpoints and collaterals. It’s indisputable that the brand image exudes inclusion, empathy, and excitement.

At Pixxis, the creative team verified that it passed excitement from the design onto the craftsmanship. We purposefully intended our campaign to be expandable, so that it could be tailored to other markets’ budgets or capabilities.

The branded items were developed in such a manner that they gave the buyer confidence and reinforced their trustworthiness.

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