Orienting your team for a rebrand

You know there is a difference between a Rebrand and a Brand refresh, right? Before taking on a rebranding exercise, it is imperative to understand why it is a need. We need an update to our color palette and that isn’t enough reason to rebrand. What’s the desired outcome from this rebrand?

As a Brand & Marketing agency, we strongly advise you to carry your team along during the rebranding exercise, in fact, we always ask about your team during our brand discovery and strategy sessions. We will tell you things even other agencies are scared to tell their clients, a rebrand may be even riskier for your business and reduce brand awareness, therefore, cutting off some of your market share, that’s why we organize brand discovery sessions to determine if you need a rebrand or maybe just a brand refresh.

From past experiences and personal studies, companies who don’t orient staff for a rebrand risk suffering employee retrogression en masse. Imagine a staff member who went on leave for a month and came back and notices all the brand’s assets and collateral have gotten a total update. Bummer! This is the Hierarchy of importance for the stakeholders : The Pre Launch Phase: Board members, Partners, Sponsors, Employees The Launch phase: your customers, the media & influencers Let’s get right into how to exactly orient your staff for a rebrand: No one knows your brand more than you or your staff who’s been working with you every day for several months or years.

  1. Let them know: It starts from this in the simplest form, a general meeting can be called on or a general memo can be sent out
  2. Ask for Feedback: Everyone needs to give feedback, for larger teams the feedback can be submitted to a Team Lead/ Line manager. The psychology behind this is that people like to feel part of something bigger than them, giving them a sense of purpose and belonging. A fat paycheck doesn’t always cut it.
  3. Organize Training sessions detailing why the rebrand is a strategic one rather than ornamental, and what this means for the team’s processes and brand’s image.
Bonus: Surprise the world, let your CEO announce the rebrand to the public and communicate the reasons behind it. Your audience will feel like this is a personal love letter written to them, especially if it’s well written and articulated. Remember, it’s not always about you but them. Did you like this article? Kindly share this with your colleagues or save it to your Notion workspace.  You can quickly schedule a free Brand discovery call with us here, or we can just have a quick chat. We are always looking to make new friends.
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