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AI Wars: The future of productivity
The world of AI is like a battleground where while the elephants fights, the grass gets trampled. Or at least, that's what a wise Kikuyu saying reminds us of. But while the elephants are locked in their silent war, something amazing is happening down in the grass....
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Orienting your team for a rebrand
You know there is a difference between a Rebrand and a Brand refresh, right? Before taking on a rebranding exercise, it is imperative to understand why it is a need. We need an update to our color palette...
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Who are these guys?
The team at Pixxis is a team of creative writers, designers (different fields but from a similar background), industry marketing gurus, and a project manager (sounds lonely but he is fun to work with). We are a 99% remote agency...
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The structure of branding
The organizational structure of a company's portfolio of brands, sub-brands, goods, and/or services is known as brand structure. An integrated system of names, symbols, colors, and visual vocabulary guided directly by the customer's cognitive process...
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