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The Sports betting scene is the most competitive space with competitors owning almost 20x your marketing budget, with new enterprises springing up every month. We knew capturing loyal customers from the competitors would be a Herculean task but not impossible. We structured our offering, promotions and marketing Strategies to target a specific niche.

We offered the biggest & Best Acca bonus only from 3 bet selections, had higher odds than most of the competitors and later brought in a Welcome bonus with no rollovers!

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Category: Sports Betting & Lottery

Ventured into media buying to make sure our creatives were being shown on some world’s most popular websites such as, Livescore etc.

After about 2 months, we got into the rhythm and had a perfectly planned out strategy for remarketing Via Facebook and SMS blasts.

With these creatives, we were able to maximize marketing budgets of up to $700k with Click-through-rates of over 30-40%.

Project year: 2021
Project scope: Branding, Marketing campaigns, Content Marketing.
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