AI Wars: The future of productivity

The world of AI is like a battleground where while the elephants fights, the grass gets trampled. Or
at least, that’s what a wise Kikuyu saying reminds us of. But while the elephants are locked in their
silent war, something amazing is happening down in the grass.

Where are we?

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are taking the world by storm. In January, ChatGPT reached 100
million monthly users, a faster rate of adoption than Instagram or TikTok. Hundreds of similarly
astonishing generative AIs are clamoring for adoption, from Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, GitHub’s
Copilot, Dall-E and Bard.

Even with a monopoly on the search engine market, Google seeing the widely adopted ChatGPT
released their own AI called Bard. Despite Google’s efforts, Microsoft has taken the lead by
incorporating ChatGPT into their search engine Bing and even into Excel and Word. With the
upcoming release of Co-pilot, which claims to revolutionize productivity, we wonder how this will
truly impact workplaces around the world.

What Next?

Covid normalized remote work and with the work place shifting as more Gen Z join the workforce,
tools like Microsoft’s Copilot could become the norm. Having an AI assistant that helps you draft
emails, memo’s and pretty much all the boring tasks with prompts might seem dystopian but if
applied correctly could veer humanity into a new frontier.

Administration AI’s are no longer in the distant future so it’s important to learn how to utilize them.
Used properly AI may reduce labour in the workplace leading to shorter workdays for a more
balanced healthier life.

Stay Ready

While some job roles might become redundant. We may see new job roles appear such as
“prompt engineer”, “content prompter” etc where being able to give the necessary specific prompts
to AI will become a skill.

Our only concern, how fast companies will develop these AI with no regard as to whether the world
is ready for them. As Microsoft and Google battle to remain supreme in the AI industry how much
care is given to the unadaptive nature of humanity?

More companies may be beginning to embrace AI and integrate it into their workflows but it’s clear
that the unscathed grass will be those who can leverage its power to drive efficiency and
streamline processes. The trampled grass, on the other hand, will be those who fail to adapt and
get left behind in the race for maximum productivity.

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